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Finally, diabetes technology that makes your life easier.

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Samuel A.
Type 2

Engineer Rock-climber Dog lover

Mila S.
Type 1

Entrepreneur Serial baker Mom of 2

Lisa J.
Type 2

Nurse Taco fan Yogi

John M.
Type 1

Designer Green thumb Golfer

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Samuel A.
Type 2

Engineer Rock-climber Dog lover

Mila S.
Type 2

Entrepreneur Serial Baker Mom of 2

Lisa J.
Type 2

Nurse by day Yogi by night

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Smart diabetes technology for your busy life

InPen manages the details of your diabetes, so you can focus on living your best life. It’s the easy-to-use support system that helps you take the right amount of insulin...at the right time.

Smart pen

The first FDA-cleared smart insulin pen. Intelligent, convenient, reusable. It's your personal diabetes companion that keeps track of your dose data, so you don't have to.

Mobile app

Using data from your pen, the InPen app keeps track of your data and helps you make decisions. It automatically records insulin doses, tracks active insulin, recommends mealtime and correction doses, shares therapy data with your doctor or caregiver, and much more.

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Real people, real stories


family man

“I have no interest in wearing a pump. InPen automatically logs my injections and the calculator helps me know how much insulin to inject — and how much insulin is on board. After using InPen for 6 months I can't imagine going back to regular pens. The integration with Dexcom is amazing. With the combination of Dexcom and InPen, I have lowered my A1C to 5.1.”
Jeff, InPen user since 2019
“InPen is a game changer for anyone on multiple daily injections. With help from InPen, I feel more in control of my diabetes because I am confident that I am administering the right doses. I am also avoiding stacking which means less blood sugar roller coasters. I can’t imagine MDI without InPen in my toolbox and highly recommend this to anyone.”
Allison, InPen user since 2018

crossfit fan
mom of 2

crossfit woman

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More visibility, more confidence, more freedom

InPen empowers you with data, tracking, and decision support — all in one simple system.

*Ages 7 and older, or under the supervision of an adult caregiver.