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Jason Sloane, M.D., Endocrinology Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA. I was first introduced to InPen by a colleague a few months ago. I was using disposable insulin pens and had good success with control of my type 1 diabetes but am always looking for newer and better tools.  I decided to give it a try after looking at the InPen website. After learning to take advantage of all the options the pen and app afford, I fell in love.  The ability to use features that were previously only available on an insulin pump while maintaining an all-important bit of freedom using an insulin pen was life-changing. More importantly, after two months of use, I was able to use the InPen app to analyze my Dexcom CGM data and saw an improvement in glycemic control. I had fewer hypoglycemic episodes and less glucose variability after meals, which surprised me. Using InPen gives me a powerful tool to help me make living with type 1 diabetes easier and that has been invaluable.  For these same reasons of convenience, better analysis of overall insulin doses and sensitivities, and an insulin-on-board feature that can contribute to less stacking of insulin doses, I have started suggesting that all of my patients on basal/bolus insulin therapy try this device. It has not only improved their understanding of their diabetes control but it has allowed me a better understanding of how to make fine adjustments to their insulin regimen that would have been near impossible with disposable insulin pens.

The InPen Smart Insulin Delivery System is now available.

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