Precision Insulin Management with Smart Insulin Pens

A recent publication by Aanstoot et al. raised important issues for consideration regarding precision dosing of insulin with injection therapy (1).  Defined as delivering the

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The Complete Guide to The Diabetes Educator Supplement published August 2020

Companion Medical is pleased to announce the publication of The Reference Guide to Integrate Smart Insulin Pens into Data-Driven Diabetes Care and Education Services released

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Companion Medical is planning to join the Medtronic family

When we started Companion Medical in 2014, we created InPen because I had a very personal need for this product. I had worked as an

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Top 10 Telehealth Tips for Virtual Diabetes Care

Telehealth has quickly become a standard service feature for many doctors where it’s primarily used for follow-up appointments after the initial assessment and treatment of

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Smart Insulin Pens: Addressing the Unmet Needs of Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Introduction The use of insulin to manage either type 1 or type 2 diabetes is neither easy nor straightforward. For the 7.4 million Americans using

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Goodbye guesswork. Hello InPen. The only FDA-cleared smart insulin pen system that helps people living with Type 1 and Type 2 take the right the right time.

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Smart Insulin Pens - Addressing the Unmet Needs of Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Highlights from: Kerr D, Warshaw H, Choi NY. Smart Insulin Pens Will Address Unmet Needs for People With Diabetes Using Insulin. Endocrine Today, 2019;17(5):20-21.

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