Companion Medical is planning to join the Medtronic family

When we started Companion Medical in 2014, we created InPen because I had a very personal need for this product. I had worked as an engineer at some of the largest diabetes companies in the industry when I was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2011. All of a sudden, the issues that I had been working hard on fixing for others became even more relevant as I found myself trying to guess my way through the ups and downs of life with Type 1 diabetes.

The diabetes community needed a new insulin delivery system. One that would provide the insulin intelligence of a pump – including a dose calculator, dosing reminders and the ability to see active insulin – but with the freedom of an insulin pen. So my co-founders and I created InPen, the only FDA-cleared smart insulin system that helps people using mealtime insulin take the right amount of insulin, at the right time.

And today, Companion Medical is getting ready to join the Medtronic family.

With the support and resources of Medtronic, we will be able to take InPen into this next phase of growth. Medtronic provides a global ecosystem of support so we can now help simplify daily dosing decisions for millions around the world. Our shared goal with Medtronic is to build upon the success of the InPen by combining it with their intelligent algorithms to deliver proactive dosing advice personalized to each individual.

This is an exciting day for Companion Medical and anyone living with insulin-dependent diabetes as we make huge strides to benefit the community. I am just thrilled at what lies ahead for anyone relying on insulin – however they choose to dose.

Thank you for choosing InPen!

Sean Saint


FAQs regarding your InPen

Can I still get my InPen from Companion Medical? Or should I call Medtronic?
You can still call Companion Medical at 1-844-843-7903 to order your InPen.

Who should I call for support on my InPen?
You can still call Companion Medical at 1-844-843-7903.

Why did you do this?
Our goal is to simplify diabetes by helping our users take the right amount of insulin at the right time. This acquisition will help us to further achieve this goal. With the support and the resources of Medtronic, we can move InPen into the next phase and focus on helping more people with diabetes who choose to use a smart insulin pen, or can’t afford a pump.

What does this acquisition mean for Medtronic and Companion Medical?
This acquisition means that Companion Medical becomes part of Medtronic. We will continue to create InPen for our users, but we will have the strength and resources of Medtronic behind us.

Will you integrate with Guardian?
Yes, we plan to accelerate integrating Guardian into the InPen app for real-time CGM readings, allowing users to see the whole picture of their diabetes.

Will you stop making InPen since it’s a competitor to 670G?
No. We know every patient journey is different and it’s very personal and we want to meet people where they are in their journey, regardless of how they prefer their insulin to be delivered. Ultimately, we want people to experience the best clinical outcomes and quality of life they can achieve — our role is to help them get there with the goal of helping them live their best life in the way they want to live it.

How will InPen be integrated into the Medtronic Diabetes offering?
Medtronic has made a series of acquisitions starting with Nutrino, Klue, and now InPen, with the goal of advancing a strategy to deliver a powerful smart CGM + pen combination. This can help deliver many of the proven benefits of an automated pump, but in the form factor of a pen. These strategic acquisitions are building blocks towards designing powerful algorithms that help alleviate burden — regardless of how insulin is delivered.

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Goodbye guesswork. Hello InPen. The only FDA-cleared smart insulin pen system that helps people living with Type 1 and Type 2 take the right the right time.

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Smart Insulin Pens - Addressing the Unmet Needs of Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Highlights from: Kerr D, Warshaw H, Choi NY. Smart Insulin Pens Will Address Unmet Needs for People With Diabetes Using Insulin. Endocrine Today, 2019;17(5):20-21.

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