Welcome to Companion Medical's Downloads page, which offers user guides, press releases, logos, and photos. Thanks for joining us in spreading the word about Companion Medical and InPen.

InPen Start Orders (For Healthcare Providers)

Download Companion Medical’s most current InPen Start Orders in a .PDF format.

Download PDF

InPen Reusable Pen Injector User Guide

Download Companion Medical’s most current step-by-step InPen Reusable Pen Injector User Guide in a .PDF format. This guide outlines how to pair your InPen to your bluetooth device, load an insulin cartridge, and prime the InPen for use.

Download PDF

InPen Mobile App User Guide

Download Companion Medical’s most current Inpen Mobile App User Guide in a .PDF format. The guide walks you through the App interface with any compatible Apple device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Download PDF

InPen Quick Start Guide

Want to get up and running now? Download our InPen Quick Start Guide in a .PDF format and be on your way to using InPen! This manual tells you how to use and handle your InPen. Read it carefully before you use your InPen.

Download PDF

Logo Suite

Official logo files for use in non-commercial and/or editorial purposes. Request permission from Companion Medical with a documented, formal request for anything outside of these instances. Improper usage may result in an inquiry to stop the use of these materials. The InPen logo must be unmodified from the logo files supplied and must always include the ™, as it is part of the logo. Companion Medical logo suite and InPen logo suite both available as .EPS, .PNG, .JPG and .PDF files in color, black, and grayscale.


InPen Photos

Download a suite of high-quality promotional photos of the InPen (all colors, isolated, three together, and banner version) for use in non-commercial and/or editorial needs.