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Jason Sloane, M.D.
Endocrinology Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

…Using InPen gives me a powerful tool to help me make living with type 1 diabetes easier and that has been invaluable. 

For these same reasons of convenience, better analysis of overall insulin doses and sensitivities, and an insulin-on-board feature that can contribute to less stacking of insulin doses, I have started suggesting that all of my patients on basal/bolus insulin therapy try this device…

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InPen User

…For anyone with a busy schedule, we all know how hard it is to be logging each dose, counting carbs, corrections, and keeping track of it all. With the InPen, it is all done for you – automatically. The app logs each dose, reminds you to take your long-lasting insulin, shows daily totals, and even has a calculator that works specific to your correction factor and carb ratio!

The InPen has given me freedom to take a break from having something clipped on 24/7, and most of all, confidence in how I’m controlling my diabetes.

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Firefighter & InPen User

I’m a firefighter, and I always worried about my pump being damaged while on shift. After switching to InPen, I felt much more freedom while at work and I was able to worry about my diabetes a lot less.

Because the InPen app provides all the same technology of a pump at a small fraction of the cost, I would highly recommend it.

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The InPen Smart Insulin Delivery System is now available.

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