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Discover the InPen smart insulin delivery system, a step forward in diabetes management.

InPen® combines Bluetooth® technology and an easy-to-use smartphone app to provide a simple solution to the constant tracking, monitoring, and calculating necessary for insulin therapy. With InPen, you live your life—it takes care of the details.

It’s like the pen you already use, but smarter.

Use InPen like any other insulin injector pen. The FDA cleared InPen tracks every dose and effortlessly delivers the info to your phone. No logbook to update, just all your data instantly in your pocket.

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Always know where you stand with your management plan.

The InPen app displays your last dose, calculates your next one, and reminds you when to take it. It can even warn you if the age or temperature of your insulin is a problem.

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Forget the guesswork with InPen’s integrated dose calculator.

Eliminate the guesswork with InPen’s integrated dose calculator. InPen knows your last dose and how much insulin is still active. You’ll always dose with precision and confidence—no need to worry about missed doses, under-dosing, or stacking.

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Welcome to InPen

Get familiar with InPen. Watch our overview video and see how InPen works. Go to our Videos page to see more tutorials on how to calculate and deliver a dose with our calculator, program reminders, pair via Bluetooth®, or how to load a cartridge.

Living with diabetes isn’t easy, but it could be easier.

The InPen smart insulin delivery system helps you stay on top of your insulin therapy. With the simplicity of a pen and the intelligence of a pump, InPen gives you confidence and control over your diabetes.

The InPen is a great solution...

“The InPen is a great solution to the real world problem of people with diabetes. It provides exactly what's needed: time and dose, how much insulin activity remains at a particular time, and an accurate history… a perfect solution.”

- John Walsh, PA, CDE

Author of “Pumping Insulin”

Closes the capability gap...

“Having insulin dosing information for patients on multiple daily injection therapy would be very helpful to me as a provider making management decisions. More importantly, it will close the capability gap between injection and pump therapy, bringing many of the benefits of a pump (bolus calculator, insulin-on-board) to the vast majority of patients who do not use one. ”

- Steven Russell, MD, PhD

Co-Developer Bionic Pancreas System

InPen fills an unmet need...

"Despite the availability of pumps and pens, which are both important products, there remains an unmet need for the majority of folks who use pens to deliver their basal and meal time insuIin. Insulin pens should have many of the features and advantages the pump wearers enjoy. InPen fills this need in a simple and intuitive way, something I personally and many of my colleagues with type 1 diabetes appreciate. I look forward to being able to provide my patients the option of a dose calculator and automatic logging in the form factor of a pen."

-Steven Edelman, MD, Founder of Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD)

University of California San Diego, Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The InPen Answer...

"InPen is the answer to a great clinical need with wireless data communication and dosing algorithms that are safe and effective.”

- Jeff Josephs, DO, Director, Jefferson

Artificial Pancreas Center & Anesthesiology Program for Translational