Frequently Asked Questions

Simplify your diabetes care plan with the InPen system. An intuitive smartphone app plus a reusable injector pen equals smart insulin delivery.

How does InPen work?

The InPen injector pen was designed for insulin dependent individuals undergoing multiple daily subcutaneous injections. It can deliver up to 30 units of insulin, dialed in half-unit increments. InPen is compatible with Lilly Humalog® and Novo Nordisk Novolog® U-100 3.0 mL pre-filled cartridges and single-use detachable and disposable needles (not included). InPen has a one-year warranty and does not require charging. InPen is indicated for patients ages 12 and older.

Does InPen track prime doses?

Yes. The InPen system tracks and automatically differentiates prime and therapy doses.

How does the InPen dose calculator work?

The InPen dose calculator computes insulin dose recommendations based on previous insulin doses, current  blood glucose levels, and carbohydrate intake. Your target blood glucose, insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio, and insulin sensitivity parameters are provided by your healthcare professional and entered into the app through an easy-to-follow setup process.

You simply pair your InPen to the app, enter your settings provided by your physician, and you are on your way. Watch our How to Calculate and Deliver a Dose Video to learn more.

What insulin is compatible with the InPen system?

The InPen pen injector is currently compatible with Lilly Humalog® U-100 3.0mL and Novo Nordisk Novolog® U-100 3.0mL insulin cartridges and single-use detachable and disposable pen needles (not included). Watch our How to Load an Insulin Cartridge Video to learn more.

Do all blood glucose meters connect to Apple Health?

Not all blood glucose meters connect to Apple Health.  Some blood glucose meters that do connect to Apple Health are the Roche Accu-Chek®, OneTouch Verio®, AgaMatrix® Jazz Wireless, and One Drop.

Do I need a prescription to get InPen?

Yes, InPen is a prescription-only device.

Where can I get InPen?

The InPen system is now available in the U.S. only. Visit our Get InPen page for more details.

Is the InPen system available outside of the U.S.?

Currently, InPen is only available in the United States.

Where can I get the InPen app?

The InPen Mobile App is a free download on Apple iOS or Android.

What are the minimum requirements to use the InPen mobile app?

Companion Medical InPen Mobile App will work on phones that meet the following minimum requirements:


  • Devices with iOS 10 and higher


  • Devices with Android Operating System 6.0 and greater
  • Devices with screen resolution 720×1280 and greater
  • Tablets are not supported

Bluetooth® performance varies due to differences in phone hardware and operating systems. The InPen App is not recommended on Jailbroken or Rooted devices.

How can I determine if my Android phone is compatible?

  1. On your Android device, visit Google Play Store. If the InPen app is visible in the Play Store, install it. If the InPen app is not visible in the Play Store, the device does not meet minimum requirements to install the app.
  2. Once app is installed, Open the InPen App. Upon opening the app, it will check to make sure the screen resolution meets minimum requirements.
  3. If you are presented with a login screen, the app is ready for use.
  4. The following device(s) are not compatible with the InPen App: LG Stylo

I cannot find the Companion InPen App in the Google Play Store?

If your phone does not support the minimum requirements, the Google Play Store will not allow installation of the app.

For questions about compatibility, please contact Technical Support at or call 844-843-7903.

How do I connect the InPen App with a Bluetooth connected glucose meter?

To learn how to connect the InPen with a glucose meter, click here.

Devices compatible with Apple Health include:

  • Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect
  • Accu-Chek® Guide
  • AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2
  • Contour Next One
  • Dexcom G5®
  • Dexcom G6®
  • iHealth Smart
  • One Drop Chrome
  • One Touch Verio® Flex
  • One Touch Verio® Sync

For Android, Dexcom CGM is now available.

Can I pair more than one InPen to the InPen App?

Yes, you can pair multiple InPens to the app. To obtain additional InPens, complete the Get InPen form. Once you’ve received your additional InPen(s), follow these steps to pair them to the app.

How long will my InPen last?

The InPen pen injector has a non-rechargeable battery that lasts for one year of use.

What does InPen look like?

The InPen pen injector is the same size and weight as a traditional insulin pen. The pen is available in pink, grey, and blue. Watch our Welcome Video to learn more.

Does InPen track prime doses?

Yes. The InPen system tracks and automatically differentiates prime and therapy doses. Watch our How to Program Insulin Settings and Reminders Video to learn more.

How do I order insulin cartridges?

Cartridges can be ordered from the same pharmacy where you get your diabetes supplies.

Is InPen covered by my insurance?

Insurance coverage varies by plan. Please visit our Get InPen page and submit your information. We will then provide a no-obligation verification of your insurance benefits.

Can I get InPen at my local pharmacy?

Currently, InPen is available at most retail and mail order pharmacies. If you would like a no-obligation insurance check visit Get InPen page.

How can I contact you if I have questions?

Call us toll-free at 844-843-7903 Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST or email us.

The InPen Smart Insulin Delivery System is now available.

Visit the Get InPen page to start the process.