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InPen – Smart Insulin Pen

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  • Lasts a full year with no need to charge
  • Dials in half-unit increments
  • Compatible with Novolog, Humalog, and Fiasp cartridges
  • Monitors insulin temperature
  • Covered under one-year warranty
InPen Product Flyer

InPen Product Flyer - NEW

Goodbye guesswork. Hello InPen. The only FDA-cleared smart insulin pen system that helps people living with Type 1 and Type 2 take the right the right time.

Smart Insulin Pens Pamphlet

Smart Insulin Pens - Addressing the Unmet Needs of Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Highlights from: Kerr D, Warshaw H, Choi NY. Smart Insulin Pens Will Address Unmet Needs for People With Diabetes Using Insulin. Endocrine Today, 2019;17(5):20-21.

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